Date Name Author
20190705 10:3205/07/2019 Opening Remarks by Ms Abigail Ng, Executive Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore, at the REITAS Conference 2019 on 2 July 2019 MAS
20190515 17:1715/05/2019 Article in InsideINVEST Publication ShareInvestor
20190415 09:4315/04/2019 REITAS Annual Report 2018 REITAS
20190326 10:0626/03/2019 Guest-of-Honour Speech by Tan Boon Gin, CEO of Singapore Exchange Regulation, at the inaugural REITAS Seminar on Rules and Ethics SGX
20180709 08:5809/07/2018 How will higher interest rates affect REITs? The Edge
20180709 01:5809/07/2018 Managers of REITs with overseas assets address investors’ concerns at symposium The Business Times
20180707 08:4307/07/2018 More visibility needed in renewal of land tenure for industrial REITs The Business Times
20180705 08:4205/07/2018 目前为45% 业界吁上调REIT举债顶限 Lian He Zao Bao
20180521 08:4121/05/2018 经济增长可抵消高利率对REIT影响 Lian He Zao Bao
20180505 08:3905/05/2018 房地产投资信托 协会吁 放宽限制吸引 REIT 挂牌 Lian He Zao Bao
20180505 08:3405/05/2018 REITAS picks new president and spells out plans to engage regulators The Business Times
20180504 08:3204/05/2018 REITAS announces new Executive Committee and President REITAS
20180331 08:3131/03/2018 REITAS Annual Report 2017 REITAS
20170823 08:2923/08/2017 REIT Association of Singapore appoints Nupur Joshi as new CEO The Business Times
20161008 08:2808/10/2016 REITs and attractive alternative form of property investment for Singaporeans The Business Times
20160604 08:2704/06/2016 Newly elected REITAS exco sees 6 new faces The Business Times
20141125 08:2525/11/2014 The REIT market that defied the odds The Business Times
20141118 08:2418/11/2014 Crucial Time for REIT Industry: SGX Chief The Straits Times
20141118 08:2118/11/2014 新加坡房地产投资信托协会正式启动 Lian He Zao Bao
20141118 08:1918/11/2014 REIT Association ropes in 42 members The Business Times
20141106 08:1606/11/2014 REITs band together to form new industry body The Business Times