Become A Member

The categories of Membership are:
Ordinary Membership (S-REIT Managers)

For S-REIT Managers holding a valid capital markets services licence in REIT management;

Ordinary Membership (Non S-REIT Managers/Associate Members)

For other corporate industry players which are not S-REIT managers, such as Trustees of S-REITs, trustee-managers of real estate business trust listed on the SGX-ST, investment banks, law firms, accounting firms, tax advisory firms or property consultancy firms.

Academic Membership

For any academic or institutional group which undertakes research or study in S-REITs or Singapore’s real estate industry in general;

Honorary Membership

For any other entity which the Council or Executive Committee determines to be worthy of membership such as the stock exchanges or regulators.

Summary of Membership Fees

Membership Tenure

Category Sub-Category 1 Year 2 Years (10% discount) 3 Years (15% discount) 5 Years (20% discount)
Ordinary Membership (S-REIT Manager) Total Assets >=S$1 Billion S$15,000 S$27,000 S$38,250 S$60,000
Total Assets <S$1 Billion S$11,000 S$19,800 S$28,050 S$44,000
Ordinary Membership (Non S-REIT Manager) Business Trust S$7,500 S$13,500 S$19,125 S$30,000
Others S$5,000 S$9,000 S$12,750 S$20,000

S$500 S$900 S$1,275 S$2,000

(Note: Membership Fee is before 8% GST) A corporate entity or individual wishing to join REITAS should complete a Membership Application Form. Applications may be made by forwarding the completed form to the association at

    To ensure that all stakeholders of the S-REIT industry are well represented, professionals from the following groups are welcome to join REITAS:

    • S-REIT managers holding a valid capital markets services licence in REIT management;
    • trustees of S-REITs;
    • trustee-managers of real estate business trusts listed on the SGX-ST;
    • investment banks;
    • professional advisers which are actively involved in the S-REIT industry, such as lawyers, accountants and tax advisers;
    • property consultants;
    • institutional bodies or academic groups involved in real estate studies; and
    • other bodies or professionals as the Executive Committee may decide.
    The Executive Committee will decide on the application for membership and its decision shall be final.