Sustainability Principles

Mission Statement:

In line with REITAS’ mission of “strengthening the S-REIT industry”, we provide stewardship to all our members to advance our collective sustainability practices. As REITs encapsulate long-term investments across many geographies and communities, REITAS’ sustainability principles are aimed at safeguarding the industry’s resilience and ensuring that our sector remains relevant and attractive to investors, tenants and communities over the years to come. This will not only strengthen our industry but also contribute to the global fight to slow climate change and towards addressing other areas of environmental and social impact.

To underscore our commitment, REITAS has formulated a set of sustainability principles that the association and our members commit to and embrace.

REITAS Sustainability1 Principles :

Principle 1: We integrate sustainability risk and opportunity considerations into our business strategies, decision-making and business activities, including property operations, investment process, asset enhancements and redevelopment etc.

Principle 2: We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by implementing best practices.

Principle 3: We will set measurable sustainability targets and track and report our progress towards these targets as part of our sustainability commitments.

Principle 4: We abide by all national-level sustainability-related rules on disclosure and reporting, risk management etc in the geographies we operate in, and strive to go beyond the minimum required.

Principle 5: We foster a culture of sustainability throughout our organisations by investing in continuous education of our people on sustainability matters, and promoting engagement in sustainability initiatives.

Principle 6: We are active and responsible building owners and landlords. We work towards improving the health, safety and well-being of the occupants with sustainable and efficient operations.

Principle 7: We promote understanding and support of our sustainability-related actions among all stakeholders, including the investment community.

Principle 8: We help increase awareness and provide stewardship to tenants, customers and suppliers on their sustainability initiatives.

Principle 9: We work together to accelerate the sustainability journey of the S-REIT industry as a whole.

Principle 10: We serve the communities in which we operate through social initiatives and by promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

As a member of REITAS, we pledge to support and embrace REITAS’ Sustainability Principles. We will put in our best efforts and actively strive to put these principles into action.

1 In the context of these principles, sustainability encompasses the environmental, social and governance dimensions.